Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

I haven't posted here in a while. I was sick for a couple of weeks, so just getting to feel well enough to get in my marathon training runs and get all my Christmas shopping done were major tasks. I'm happy to say that all my shopping was done on Sunday and Tuesday, nicely wrapped (for once) and no runs were missed. (Yes, there was a day where I had to do two runs in one day to make up for my sick days, but at least I did them all!)

I've missed strength training class for a couple of weeks because of not feeling that great.  I feel flabby and have gained a few pounds even though I'm eating the same. I tend to gain a few pounds during half marathon training and I've heard this is normal for marathon training as well, but I don't like it one bit. Oh well. I figure I've been exercising more than most people do (and way more than sick ones do), so next week I'll just add back some variety (strength training, yoga, and maybe try spinning) and see if that helps.

Today is a rest day for my 13 mile "long run" tomorrow morning, so I think I'll just have a little sushi for dinner and maybe do some laundry, continue to read my book, and make some candy.  (These bars are DELICIOUS!!) Oh, and I want to buy the Wild Flag album from Amazon (it's only $5!) and the most recent PJ Harvey one.  I also like the most recent Lykke Li album, so I may need to binge on the music purchasing tonight!

It doesn't really feel like Christmas, does it? Maybe it's just me. I deactivated my Facebook account a couple of weeks ago (on Monday it will be three weeks), so maybe that's why. I'm not seeing all those annoying holiday posts.

Speaking of deactivating Facebook, it's the best thing I could have done! I've tried it a couple of times in the past and only lasted a couple of days, but this time I don't even miss it. People keep asking me why I deactivated it. I guess it is odd for someone like me to abruptly deactivate Facebook.  I regularly posted status updates and photos, so it's not like I was a "lurker" on there. There are several reasons why I deactivated my account, but I don't really feel like I need (or want) to explain them to anyone. A lot of the reasons are personal and I don't feel like sharing other than saying that a daily irritant has now been erased from my life and it feels great.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the long weekend if you get one!


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