Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Trot!

Tomorrow is my first Turkey Trot ever!  I did an easy 4 mile run this morning before work to shake my legs out after a hard Boot Camp class last night.  Boot Camp didn't ever appeal to me (I don't respond to being yelled at when I'm exercising), but was open to trying it since my friend was teaching it.  I was afraid it would be too much cardio and not enough weights, but that wasn't the case at all.  The short cardio bursts between the weight routines made me feel like I was working harder than usual. 

Today I'm at work (blah), but I'm going to sneak out a little early.  I need to drive to my parents' house tonight (we're supposedly having crab for dinner...yum) so I'll be close to the start of the 10K Turkey Trot tomorrow.  The race doesn't start until 9AM, but I want to get there by 8:15AM to get my bib and warm up.  Let's hope I can get a PR!

What are you doing for Turkey Day? 


Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Solved!

OK, this photo was taken at Noe Valley Tavern!  (See this post...)
You'll notice that right behind me (under the picture) is a toilet.  Unbelievably, the area where the men pee is right behind where everybody washes their hands.  Eww.

I'm so glad there wasn't a guy peeing in there when I came out of the restroom, but then again, it couldn't have made the evening much worse. Some guy who messaged me on Twitter about going out agreed to a date, rescheduled the date, and then didn't follow through. He showed up at this bar the day before we were scheduled to go out (but I already wrote it off as not happening because I hadn't heard from him) and had a drink with my friend and me. (We have a friend in common who was throwing a benefit for fire victims, so that's why we were all there.)  He then looked at his watch after about 10 minutes and said his girlfriend was meeting him.  Then the four of us had to sit through drinks until they left.

Girlfriend. Did you catch that? He had a girlfriend all along. At least I'm moving up. The last guy cancelled our date two hours before we were supposed to meet and I realized the next day that he was married.  (Thanks,

Anyway, this was supposed to be a funny post about the bathroom!  :)


Short Week!

I was going to say how glad I was that this was a short work week, but then I realized that's pretty obvious.  Who isn't happy with a short work week?

My weekend was good. Sunday was awesome because I had a deep tissue massage and some "me" time sweating out the toxins in the wet sauna and then went to see The Descendants. I'd highly recommend it! Besides the story being engaging and the acting top-notch, the Kauai scenes had me itching to go back there. It's not my favorite island because of all the driving you have to do to get around and the resulting traffic on the two-lane roads, but seeing Hanalei Bay made me nostalgic for a surfing trip I took there in November 2010. 

After the movie I headed to the gym for a yoga class. My marathon schedule dictated 60 minutes of cross-training, so I did 30 minutes of cardio (20 on the elliptical and 10 on the bike) and then took the yoga class.  I guess it did something because my obliques, back, and arms are all sore today. 

Saturday was a bit of a blur. I slept in a little (if you can call 7AM "sleeping in") and then did my 5 mile recovery run (through Fisherman's Wharf and down the Embarcadero). Then it was home for some Instant Netflix time on the Wii (watched my first episode of Breaking Bad and loved it) and a little reading. 

I'm currently reading Sideways on a Scooter by Miranda Kennedy. It's fascinating to read about what it's really like to live in India (from the point of view of an upper middle class American, that is), but reinforces my desire to never visit there. I can't even camp, so visiting India would be out of the question.

Later I went dancing, but didn't have that great of a time. It wasn't awful, but I'm just not big on dance music from the "90s, 00s, and 10s." I just stayed for 3 hours and then headed home.

My plans for this week start with looking over my marathon training schedule: 

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Boot Camp (60 minutes)
Wednesday:  Run (4 miles easy)
Thursday:  Run (Turkey Trot 10K = 6.2 miles)
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Run (9 miles)
Sunday:  60 minutes Cross-Training
Total:  19.2 miles

I modified the original schedule, which had 18 miles for the week and no 6.2 mile run in the middle of the week.  I just tweaked it a little so the mileage wouldn't go too far over the 18 miles, but I could also do the required 9 miles on Saturday. 

Today I'm at work and then I'm getting together with my favorite college roomie and her family!  I got a surprise call from her last night and always have a good time together.  We'll probably go to dinner and wander around Fisherman's Wharf.  We're all big ice cream fans, so I'm sure we can fit that in even with the cold San Francisco weather today.

Have a good week!


What are you looking forward to today?

My favorite college roommate (and her husband and kids) are in town for a couple of days, so I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight after I'm off work.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


I had yesterday off, so I shouldn't complain because my weekend got here earlier than it did for most people.  It was the usual...gel manicure, some blogging, some reading, some laundry, and then some sushi!

Oh, I did something else that I hadn't done in a long time....synched my iPhone AND backed up my hard drive, which I hadn't done in over a year.  (Hey, I forgot how to do it!)  I need to find a boyfriend who knows a lot about computers and stuff like that to help me.  Or just a boyfriend who doesn't know anything about computers would be fine, too.  :)

I hate doing posts without photos, so here's one of me, but I can't really figure out where I took it!  Based on the date I *think* it's Noe Valley Tavern when I was there for a benefit, but not sure.  I'm not in the habit of taking photos of myself like a lot of people do, but when I get that one day every few weeks where my hair, make-up, and outfit are all working, I like to document it.

Crap, where is this?
I also found my photos from the Nike Women's Half Marathon during the sync (which is good because I wanted to sob at the thought of losing the photo of me at the Nike wall* pointing at my name), so I can work on a post about that.  It almost seems anticlimactic a week after the event, but as long as I get it up before next year's lottery so you'll know how to avoid my mistakes, that's good enough.

Goals for me today are running 5 miles (recovery run) as soon as I can get up, laundering all my running clothes, baking banana bread, going to an opening at 941 Geary for Blek le Rat's new show, and then going to Club Vogue at the Cat Club.

Tomorrow's a little up in the air.  I have a massage at 11, but I need to swing by The Warfield before that and buy tickets for Adam Ant.  (Yes, THAT Adam Ant.  He's still around.)  I'll be downtown for the massage, so I'm thinking of going to a movie after the massage.  The new George Clooney one by the Sideways director called The Descendants looks good.  I also need to work in 60 minutes of cross training, so I'm thinking I might accomplish that with a yoga class at 5:30.

Have a good weekend and let me know if you did anything fun.


*The photo came in handy yesterday.  The dry cleaner lost a blouse of mine and is still looking for it.  I realized that Nike wall photo was the only photo of me wearing it, so I went to them with my computer and showed them.  The reason they're still making such a valiant effort to find it is because I told them I found the receipt from May and I paid $135 plus tax.

The missing blouse and my big arm.  Eek.

I'm usually not in the habit of spending anywhere near that for a blouse, but it was for a first date.  It taught me a lesson because the guy cancelled the date 2 hours before it was supposed to happen.  That's the second time that's happened before a first date (Kim spends too much money on an outfit for a date that never happens), so next time I'm just wearing some old crap that I already have.

Anyway, the blouse was always a little too big anyway and cursed from that date, so I'd be just as happy if they don't find it as long as they refund the purchase price.  They said they'd "make it right," so we'll see.

XOXO (again).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you afraid of heights?

It really depends on the situation. I'm fine with roller coasters and ziplining, but the thought of skydiving terrifies me. Standing on the balcony on a higher floor freaks me out, too, and I'm not really thrilled when I'm stuck in a window seat on an airplane.

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Robyn Hitchcock

A few months ago I got really burnt out on going out dancing/clubbing and all the socializing involved.  I realized that I'm not really that much of a social animal.

Don't get me wrong.  I love going out and doing things that are social (seeing bands, dancing, restaurants, bars, etc.), but I realized that I really don't enjoy doing those things in large groups.  I'm more of a solo or small group kind of person and realized that I'll never change no matter how much I'd like to be one of those "popular" kids with tons of people around.  It's not really necessary or pleasurable for me to have to be friends with a huge clique.  It only took me 44 years to figure that out!

Anyway, I have been doing things besides working out and running!  I saw my friends Jennifer and Brian last night for the second time in two weeks.  Crazy.  We hadn't gone out together in ages, but we went to dinner and the Wild Flag show a couple of weeks ago and last night we went to Mercury Lounge before the Robyn Hitchcock show at Slim's.  

We were all interested in trying Mercury Lounge after seeing it reviewed on one of our favorite TV shows, Check, Please Bay Area.  I would probably go back again for Happy Hour since they had some good $5 appetizers that were large portions.  However, I'm not really sure about dinner.  The dishes were family style and we were told that the portions were large, which they weren't.  The food itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable either.  My Cucumber Drop was tasty, but not on the Happy Hour menu ($9).  I'm wondering how their Sunday brunch would be since they have bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Marys.  You can't really go wrong with brunch, right?

Unfortunately, we got to Slim's after all the seats were taken.  Had I known that there would be tables downstairs (which I'd NEVER seen at Slim's), we would have arrived earlier.  In spite of that, we were there early enough to get situated in a good standing area where we weren't jostled.  (Usually when I'm at Slim's I'm in an area where I'm always in someone's way.)  

I hadn't seen Robyn Hitchcock in years and forgot how fantastic he is live!  He performed all of the Eye album and was just so great.  That album was recorded in San Francisco in 1988/1989, so it was really special having him coming back to San Francisco to perform it live.  He is just such a great storyteller and so witty!

Here's a video of him playing "Madonna of the Wasps" at a festival.  Last night it was just him with an acoustic guitar (with harmonica on some songs), but this will give you an idea of how great he is!

Today's my day off from work and supposed to be a training "rest" day.  I was going to go to yoga, but my legs are kind of tired this morning, so I might just do it later from one of my videos.  My training weeks start every Monday, so this is how this week (Training Week #3) is shaking out:

Monday:  Rest (I baked cookies after work!)
Tuesday:  60 minute Boot Camp + Run 3 miles
Wednesday:  Run 4 miles
Thursday:  Run 3 miles
Friday:  Rest?  Yoga?  Upper body weight workout + Yoga?
Saturday:  Run 5 miles
Sunday:  60 minutes Cross Training

Next week the mileage starts to climb again and I'm running a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, so that should be fun.

I'm going to be better about updating here (and not being lazy about downloading photos from my iPhone), so thanks for reading! 


Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is 11/11/11. How will you celebrate it?

I'm at work, but my Outlook calendar is set to remind me to make a wish at 11:11AM. What else should I do?

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Race Registration and a Loss

Today (11/11/11) from 11AM to 11PM PST, you can save $20 on registration for almost any of the Rock 'n' Roll series races!  Thinking I'm going to take the plunge and sign up for the Seattle Half Marathon one, which is only $45 with the discount.  They don't have the course up yet, but it sounds like it starts right in Seattle by the convention center, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting on a bus for a race that wasn't really in the city.

My excitement for this is tempered by some bad news that I received last night about a good friend of mine.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of August and passed away on Wednesday night.  I last saw him on Friday, July 29th.  We wandered around SFMOMA and went to lunch at 54 Mint.  The next week he got really sick and a CAT scan revealed a mass in his abdomen.  The next week he was admitted on a Friday, but they were unable to operate once they opened him up because the "mass" was cancer that spread.  They biopsied it and a couple of weeks later they told him they couldn't operate because there was so much cancer that they couldn't tell where it started.  Long story short, that was the beginning of a slow decline.  He's been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of months because the cancer caused an intestinal blockage.  This week he had a lot of pain and nausea and was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, where he died peacefully late in the evening.

I knew that he was not going to live long, but I still wasn't prepared for it to happen this soon since I was planning to see him on Saturday.  The last time I spoke with him was on Halloween (his birthday) and he invited me to a family get-together.  I was going to bring him some tea as a gift (since he was unable to ingest anything other than clear liquids because of the blockage).  His wife is still having the get-together, so I guess now I'll be bringing flowers or a plant. 

Sorry, I didn't mean for this post to be such a downer!  I'll let you know once I've pulled the trigger on the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon registration! 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you looking forward to?

Practicing yoga with my new DVD, running wearing my new capris, facial on Saturday, picking up my reserved book at the library, and cooking/baking this weekend.

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Blog Design

I realized that the previous color scheme for this blog was lame, so I'm playing around with it.  I'm not sure this is 100% me, but I have to go back to work now. 

Do you like it?  Hmm.


Bad Blogger

Gah, I've been bad for not updating here in a while!  Once I ran the Nike Half Marathon, I just became a lazy writer.  My apologies!

I've definitely been keeping up with all my running and cross-training for my next goal...the Napa Valley Marathon.  Meanwhile, I've signed up for a couple more races.  I'm doing a 10K Turkey Trot (on Thanksgiving Day, obviously) and I'm also doing the 2nd Half SF Marathon in July 2012.  I'm also considering the Portland Wine Country Half Marathon (Labor Day weekend 2012) and maybe another one at the end of next year.  Any suggestions?

I've seen a few bands over the past few weeks.  Last night my friend and I had wine and dinner at Fat Angel and then saw The Bangles at The Fillmore.  I was surprised to see it not very full, but the band sounded and looked great.  They did a good mix of all the old hits plus some new stuff.  Best of all, the show was over by 10:45PM.  (I haven't been feeling that great, so I was pleased to be in bed before midnight.)

Last Friday I went to Thai food with my friend and her husband and then we went to the Wild Flag show at Great American Music Hall.  Wild Flag is basically a "supergroup" of some of our favorite musicians, including a couple of the members from Sleater Kinney (a band we both LOVED back in the day...and still do even though they're not together anymore).  The show was SO rocking and badass.  I haven't heard the CD, but my friend (who is a college radio DJ) told me it just doesn't compare to the live shows.  Bummer, but that happens sometimes. 

Next up is Robyn Hitchcock at Slim's next week and Peter Murphy/She Wants Revenge at The Fillmore in December.  Then that's it until March when I see Hugh Cornwell from The Stranglers (plus Clem Burke from Blondie) at Red Devil Lounge.  I'm sure I'll find something else before then.  I'm just waiting for some of the venues to publish their Spring calendars. 

I need to figure out what I'm doing for New Year's Eve.  Last year was a dinner and clubbing night, but I'm actually kind of over going to the clubs.  Shocker, right?  I'm actually happy just hanging out alone and doing stuff. 

Any suggestions for a solo gal on New Year's Eve?  I might want to get out of town for a couple of days and do something mellow (and not too expensive). 

Glad to be back!  Maybe I'll do some DJ-ing tonight!