Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Solved!

OK, this photo was taken at Noe Valley Tavern!  (See this post...)
You'll notice that right behind me (under the picture) is a toilet.  Unbelievably, the area where the men pee is right behind where everybody washes their hands.  Eww.

I'm so glad there wasn't a guy peeing in there when I came out of the restroom, but then again, it couldn't have made the evening much worse. Some guy who messaged me on Twitter about going out agreed to a date, rescheduled the date, and then didn't follow through. He showed up at this bar the day before we were scheduled to go out (but I already wrote it off as not happening because I hadn't heard from him) and had a drink with my friend and me. (We have a friend in common who was throwing a benefit for fire victims, so that's why we were all there.)  He then looked at his watch after about 10 minutes and said his girlfriend was meeting him.  Then the four of us had to sit through drinks until they left.

Girlfriend. Did you catch that? He had a girlfriend all along. At least I'm moving up. The last guy cancelled our date two hours before we were supposed to meet and I realized the next day that he was married.  (Thanks,

Anyway, this was supposed to be a funny post about the bathroom!  :)


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