Saturday, November 19, 2011


I had yesterday off, so I shouldn't complain because my weekend got here earlier than it did for most people.  It was the usual...gel manicure, some blogging, some reading, some laundry, and then some sushi!

Oh, I did something else that I hadn't done in a long time....synched my iPhone AND backed up my hard drive, which I hadn't done in over a year.  (Hey, I forgot how to do it!)  I need to find a boyfriend who knows a lot about computers and stuff like that to help me.  Or just a boyfriend who doesn't know anything about computers would be fine, too.  :)

I hate doing posts without photos, so here's one of me, but I can't really figure out where I took it!  Based on the date I *think* it's Noe Valley Tavern when I was there for a benefit, but not sure.  I'm not in the habit of taking photos of myself like a lot of people do, but when I get that one day every few weeks where my hair, make-up, and outfit are all working, I like to document it.

Crap, where is this?
I also found my photos from the Nike Women's Half Marathon during the sync (which is good because I wanted to sob at the thought of losing the photo of me at the Nike wall* pointing at my name), so I can work on a post about that.  It almost seems anticlimactic a week after the event, but as long as I get it up before next year's lottery so you'll know how to avoid my mistakes, that's good enough.

Goals for me today are running 5 miles (recovery run) as soon as I can get up, laundering all my running clothes, baking banana bread, going to an opening at 941 Geary for Blek le Rat's new show, and then going to Club Vogue at the Cat Club.

Tomorrow's a little up in the air.  I have a massage at 11, but I need to swing by The Warfield before that and buy tickets for Adam Ant.  (Yes, THAT Adam Ant.  He's still around.)  I'll be downtown for the massage, so I'm thinking of going to a movie after the massage.  The new George Clooney one by the Sideways director called The Descendants looks good.  I also need to work in 60 minutes of cross training, so I'm thinking I might accomplish that with a yoga class at 5:30.

Have a good weekend and let me know if you did anything fun.


*The photo came in handy yesterday.  The dry cleaner lost a blouse of mine and is still looking for it.  I realized that Nike wall photo was the only photo of me wearing it, so I went to them with my computer and showed them.  The reason they're still making such a valiant effort to find it is because I told them I found the receipt from May and I paid $135 plus tax.

The missing blouse and my big arm.  Eek.

I'm usually not in the habit of spending anywhere near that for a blouse, but it was for a first date.  It taught me a lesson because the guy cancelled the date 2 hours before it was supposed to happen.  That's the second time that's happened before a first date (Kim spends too much money on an outfit for a date that never happens), so next time I'm just wearing some old crap that I already have.

Anyway, the blouse was always a little too big anyway and cursed from that date, so I'd be just as happy if they don't find it as long as they refund the purchase price.  They said they'd "make it right," so we'll see.

XOXO (again).

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