Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Workout & New Wave!

Sorry it's been a while since an official update, but it's been busy and I received some bad news this weekend about a friend's health, so I just wasn't up to blogging.  

I'm feeling better now, so here's a little bit of what I've been doing.  First, half marathon training is still on track and I made every workout on the original schedule, but I tweaked some of the original cross training that I planned.

Monday - Run (5 miles Easy/7 minutes Fartlek)
Tuesday - Strength Training Class (60 minutes) I was waiting for a call from my doctor and only needed 55 minutes of cardio, so I did the elliptical & recumbent bike for 55 minutes so I wouldn't have to miss his call & start over.
Wednesday - Run (5 miles Easy/7 minutes Tempo)
Thursday - Strength Training Class (60 minutes) I ended up taking a Yoga class (60 minutes)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run (9 miles Easy/7 minutes Tempo)
Sunday - Run (5 miles Easy)

Saturday was super busy since I had a long run and then I needed to be at the SF Ferry Building in time to check that my Clipper card was loaded for the ride over to Sausalito for the art festival.  Good thing I got there early and checked it because the line for the machine was crazy later and we barely made the ferry as it was.

I know you're asking why we almost missed the ferry if I got there so early (11:10AM for a noon ferry).  Well, my friend and I waited in line for 40 minutes (yes, 40 minutes) for lattes from Blue Bottle.  It was delicious (and pretty....see below), but seriously, I would never have waited if we hadn't been waiting for a noon ferry.  

Blue Bottle Latte

We had to stand on our way to Sausalito because the ferry was PACKED, but it was only 30 minutes and the weather was nice.  
Not the best shot, but it was crowded & we were moving!
We got to the festival too late to see Men Without Hats, but made it in time to see all of The Romantics.  I like their two hits from the 80's, but everything else sounded the same to me.  No matter because the audience was way into them.

After wandering around looking for food (I was starving after a 9 mile run and only some chocolate soy milk for recovery), we settled on some mediocre pizza.  I would have preferred the gyro, but the line was too long.  Crab cakes were our second option, but the woman was kind of bitchy, so we moved over to pizza.

The main reason we went to the festival was to see The Human League.  I'd seen them a few years ago at Red Devil Lounge and they were AWESOME.  This show was no exception.  

Here was the setlist:

1.  Never Let Me Go
2.  Open Your Heart
3.  Sound of the Crowd
4.  Heart Like a Wheel
5.  The Lebanon
6.  Egomaniac
7.  Empire State Human
8.  Night People
9.  Human
10.  Love Action
11.  All I Ever Wanted
12.  Tell Me When
13.  (Keep Feeling) Fascination
14.  Mirror Man
15.  Don't You Want Me?

16.  Being Boiled
17.  Electric Dreams

Songs #1 & #8 were from their new album, which I'm totally buying because the songs were fantastic!  Sometimes you just want a band to stick with their strengths and not try to create something totally new and that's what the new songs were like.  

Here's a link to the one I really liked ("Night People").  (Sorry, but there's an ad at the beginning.)

The rest of the weekend I spent at my parents with a little trip to Bodega Bay to The Tides Restaurant for Dad's birthday.

Tonight I'm off to dinner in Los Gatos and then Tears for Fears at Mountain Winery.  Tomorrow I need to do a 10 mile run, so hopefully I get enough rest tonight!

Have a great weekend!  What are you up to?



  1. Oooh, I'm so glad Human League was awesome! I wanted to go, but was worried it would go down kind of state fair styles (plus, I ended up BBQing). Love Night People -- also love that the Japanese rockabilly guy's jacket says "Levels." :) Great pics!

    Girl, I hear you over Blue Bottle. When my friend was visiting from Japan she was all about going to Blue Bottle, so we took her to the Ferry Building. We waited forever for drinks, and they were a little snotty about her taking pics. But damn, it is good!

    How was Tears for Fears? My friend went and she seemed to enjoy it.

  2. Yes, they were great! I knew they would be. The only drawback was that I was standing by some people who act like shut-ins who never get out and turn into raging alcoholics when they do. :)

    Blue Bottle lattes are the bomb, but the weekends are even more annoying than during the week. New People in Japantown makes a great latte, too, and they serve Blue Bottle! There's also a Blue Bottle kiosk on top of SFMOMA and the line doesn't seem quite as unruly there.

    Tears for Fears was awesome! They sounded great. Other than "Sowing the Seeds of Love" I wasn't familiar with anything past the first two albums, but I enjoyed them and need to look into some of their later stuff. It was funny because they played a slow acoustic version of "Mad World" to open the show and later played the regular version. Curt Smith reminded everyone that theirs was the original. Ha!