Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Glad It's Almost TGIF

Yay, it's Thursday! 

Wednesday was kind of busy since I had to work all day and then meet a group of women from class at Jamber Wine Pub on Folsom near 5th St.  All the wine is on tap (!) and they have quite a few affordable comfort food appetizers and entrees, so I want to go back.  I told a friend who loves pork belly (as I do) that they have a sandwich with pork belly on the menu.  He was excited until I told him it was made with peanut butter and cranberry jam.  I think that sounds delicious!  Alas, I shared poutine with a few girls.

After that I met my friend at another bar nearby (Raven at Folsom & 7th) and we had a cocktail and split a couple of dishes from Triptych.  The bar was pretty empty, so it was nice to just relax and talk, but wine + cocktails = bad sleep. 

Last night my friend came over with Pisco and we had cocktails in the shaker made with mango puree.  They were just as good as anything I get at a bar...and cheaper.  We'd been going out a lot lately and his back was hurting, so we just ordered in Chinese and watched "Check, Please" videos on my laptop.

Tonight I'm looking forward to going home and hanging out alone after my strength training class at the gym.  I might try to dye my hair if I have the energy since I'm getting it cut tomorrow!  One of the benefits of a 7AM conference call/webinar is that I can work from home and then get a haircut in the middle of the day. 

I was going to let my hair grow to shoulder length, but it's on my neck now and totally annoying me.  I'm not getting it hacked to a pixie cut again (yet), but I am going to get a much shorter bob and have my bangs cut so they're shorter and sweep to the side.  I loved the heavy straight bang look, but now I'm over it.  Too much upkeep! 

In the "self love" challenge from my class, I had a gel manicure and ran yesterday and I'll be going to strength training today.  I wonder if I should even keep holding myself accountable because I really don't have a problem in the "taking care of myself" category.

Here's a song of the day.  It was on a Spotify playlist and was almost embarrassed that I liked it so much!  I'm even more embarrassed now that I'm posting it since it's from 4 years ago.  Whatevs.


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