Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Gay 10K

Yesterday was the Big Gay 10K race from Fort Mason to Fort Point (just underneath the Golden Gate Bridge) and back.  The morning started pretty chilly, but really cleared up and was pretty warm by the time we were on our way back from the bridge.  This outfit would have worked a lot better without the long-sleeved shirt underneath:

My outfit for Nike Half Marathon?
Note how sunny it was near the finish line!
The costumes this year weren't quite as crazy as they were last year (when there was a team of guys dressed as geisha or another couple dressed as The Ambiguously Gay Duo), but at least we had a penguin:

Penguin...bundled up in the fog at the start

My finish time was 1:04:59, which was more than two minutes less than last year and got me a spot at #17 in my age group (out of 43, not 17...ha ha), so I was happy!  A blinking pin for finishing was the icing on the cake...
Instead of a medal. This is cute!
Oh, that and going to dinner with my parents at Panama Hotel in San Rafael.  Half of my Dad's hamburger with bacon and avocado hit the spot.  I love the Fire Roasted Chile Stuffed with Quinoa (and mushroom and a bunch of other good stuff), but my body was craving beef, so we brought most of that home.  We also split a really good Apple and Strawberry Crisp with Tahitian Vanilla Gelato for dessert.  The perfect end to my running day!

I almost forgot what we split as an appetizer since we have it every time we go!  It was the Tuscan Toast Platter with roasted garlic, sundried tomato tapenade, goat cheese, and olives.  A great start!

On Friday I just relaxed (my workout "Rest" day) and got a gel mani and pedi (with extra 10 minute leg massage...aah), bought some more hair dye, stopped by Trader Joe's, and then made this salad for dinner:

This salad looked crazy and there was a bunch of stuff hiding in it, but it was mixed greens, avocado, carrots, chickpeas, a Spicy Bean Garden Burger (ripped up!), alfalfa sprouts, and a few crumbled up pretzels to add some carbs and crunch.  The dressing was my own concoction:  1T Greek yogurt (plain),
1t Sweet & Sour Mustard (from TJ's), 1t minced garlic, and a couple of shakes of soy sauce to make it a little more liquid.  Yummy!

Today I'm chilling at my parents' house after an early 4 mile run and a shopping spree at Target.  We're catching up on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Hilarious!


P.S.  Bear with me while I goof around some more with the design of this blog!

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