Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Bed...

It's Sunday morning at 8:41 and I'm just going to laze around in bed for a while.  I've been up for a while and already had my oatmeal spinach smoothie and was going to just stay here and do my run later.  However, once I heard the fog horns and started thinking about how nice it is to run Fisherman's Wharf in the fog with no tourists out, I got dressed and did my run for today (4 miles).

A lot of people don't like the fog, but I love this weather.  The only thing I don't like is wind!  Here are a couple of shots during a quick photo stop at 3 miles at Aquatic Park.  Cool, right?

You can't even see Alcatraz behind that big ship!

View of Fisherman's Wharf
This week's workouts went pretty much as planned except Thursday, but I still completed everything on the schedule.  Next week the running mileage will start to climb!

Monday - Run (5 miles Easy/5 minutes Tempo)
Tuesday - Strength Training Class (60 minutes)
Wednesday - Run (5 miles Easy/7 minutes Tempo)
Thursday - Strength Training Class Cardio (55 minutes - Elliptical, Stationary Bike, Stair Climber)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Recovery Run (5 miles Easy)
Sunday - Run (4 miles Easy)

I didn't really go out this week...shocker!  I think I was burned out after months of going out 3-4 nights a week.  I'm also suffering from allergies and sinus headaches that just wear me out.  I did manage to finish two great books.  Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh (a re-read of a childhood book that's on my 101 in 1001 list) and The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton.  The Lock Artist kept me riveted, so I'll definitely be looking for some of his other books.

I haven't done much cooking this week except experimenting with different smoothie recipes.  This one is the same as my oatmeal smoothie, but without the oatmeal.  Instead I added spinach and Trader Joe's frozen three berry medley (with Barbara's Puffins in Cinnamon flavor on top).  The taste was good, but I'm not into the seeds in my teeth from the blackberries in the fruit.

Yesterday I went to a birthday luncheon at Golden River Seafood Restaurant at Geary and 23rd.  My friend's mother passed away last year and this would have been her 80th birthday, so he generously included me in the celebration.  I really need to do a review of this place on Yelp to get their score up.  Three stars isn't a bad score, but I would put it in the four stars category.  I'm still not drinking (today is day 30 with no alcohol!), but they actually comped about ten large bottles of beer because my friend is such a good customer.

OK, I'm rambling now.  I cleaned out a huge cupboard in the kitchen yesterday along with two carts, so today I'm going to tackle either my clothing drawers or one of my clothes closets after my massage and spa time later.  If I have time, I might make the peanut butter scone recipe I found.

Have an awesome Sunday!


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