Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's My Friday and I'll Gloat If I Want To

I almost said "Well, it's Friday!" when I realized that it's only Thursday.  It's my Friday since tomorrow's my Friday off.

Here was how the day started:

Note that it's August 11th, but this was how it looked when I was waiting for the bus at 7AM (late again...oops). 

It's been a good week for workouts.  My lower right calf was having little cramps yesterday, so I decided to do elliptical and bicycle cross training instead of strength training, which is what I did on Monday.  It might be caused by either wearing heels and walking a lot or possibly my running shoes.  I'm just under 200 miles on the shoes and they should be good until at least 300, but it might be time for a brand change.  The Mizuno Wave Runner 13 treated me well, but the 14 doesn't seem to be an improvement over that model.  I'll see how today's run goes.

Speaking of runs, the Big Gay 10K is on Saturday!  I'm not sure why I put an exclamation point there since it's not quite as exciting as last year when we had a team of gals and we all dressed up for it (see my Running page for a photo of my outfit).  This year everyone flaked, so I'm probably not dressing up for the run, but I'll enjoy seeing all the other funny outfits.  I needed to run 6 miles on Saturday anyway as part of training and this is for a good cause (SF Aids Foundation) and will be over by 10:15 for me, so I was happy to sign up as an individual.

This week was also good for getting up to speed on a couple of other social networking sites:  Formspring and Pinterest. 

I've been on Formspring for a long time, but never really answered any questions.  I decided to pick that up again since it's a good way for people to find out about me (on here at least).  My previous post was an answer to one of the questions that I liked, so I'll probably post some of my answers from time to time.  You can also ask me a question through the Formspring badge in the sidebar of this blog.

Pinterest is what has become an addiction in the span of just a couple of days.  The idea is that you create "boards" (kind of like inspiration boards) where you can "pin" images of people/places/things/whatever that you find on the Web that you like.  If you go into my sidebar, you'll see a link to my Pinterest site and it'll make more sense.  It's cool because you can also "like" the pins that other people have posted or you can "re-pin" on your own boards.  If you think it's as cool as I do, just go to and request an invite to join.  (I received mine on the same day.)

Well, back to work.  More tomorrow or this weekend!


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