Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinner Musings

I went to strength training class tonight and was tempted to make my Oat Protein Pancake (yes, again), but I had (well...still have) some perishables to eat. Here was my dinner:

Yes, the plate was on my rug. I was hungry and wanted to watch mindless celebrity entertainment for a few minutes, so this was most convenient. This was my leftover broiled tofu and some of the sauce I made on Friday sitting on mixed greens, chickpeas, sprouts, and carrots. It was quite filling, but also light!

It didn't really compare in awesomeness to my dinner on Saturday night at Frances (17th & Noe). Frances is a cute neighborhood restaurant with friendly staff, but it's really difficult to get a reservation. Fortunately, my friend "inherited" someone else's reservation for a four-top at 8PM, so I was invited to go along with another friend of hers.

I wasn't quick enough to snap photos of the maple bacon beignets (O.M.G.) or chicken wings, but I did manage to get shots of a few things. (Oh, I also missed the salad. Shoot.)

Here was my entree...Chicken with Panzanella Salad:

I was envisioning something like the Zuni Cafe Chicken with Tuscan Bread Salad when I ordered. This wasn't anything like it, but it was flavorful, light (which I wanted since we ate later than I normally do), and the chicken was SO moist. (My last experience with chicken was of the fried variety at Wayfare Tavern. It was their specialty, but it was really dry. I'd had better fried chicken at KFC and for a lot less money!) It had some broth that you can't really see here, greens, and potatoes. I would order it again, but I might want to try some of the other items on the menu first. (My friend had the Bavette Steak and her friend had Halibut.)

Here were the desserts we ordered. The first was a chocolate cake with banana in the middle with an insanely delicious salted caramel ice cream. The second was panna cotta. Both were excellent!

I didn't try the wine because I'm still not drinking, but it turned out OK. I'm SO used to having wine with dinner, but I actually survived fine with sparkling water. My friend told me before we went that SHE was not drinking for the month of August either, so that helped.

Not drinking actually made dinner more pleasant in a lot of ways. I have to say that the restaurant was pretty warm and loud, so I think wine would have made me tired and less likely to enjoy my meal.

If I go back and am on the sauce again, I'd try their house wine. I've heard that you can order their blended wine (they blend it in house) and it's only $1/ounce or something.

Well, I'm pooped and have to be at work at 7AM, so I'm going to decompress from my iPhone light. I think I'll read Harriet the Spy, one of the books from childhood that i loved (check out my 101 in 1001 list). Hope your Monday was a good one!

Later, gators!


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